Turkish Sockets Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish sockets, Turkey sockets manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality sockets from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

BI-PLAST PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Besim Özgür AKSÖZ    
s plastic pipe fittings, pipe fittings, plastic fasteners, plastic unions, pipe fasteners, pipe unions, plastic pipe fasteners, plastic pipe unions, plastic pipe connectors, pipe connectors, aluminium foiled pipes, elbows, pprc pipes, composite pipes, reductions, sockets, tees, unequal tee pieces, jumpers, pp pipe, ppr pipe, pprc pipe, fittings, sanitary pipe, sanitary fit, sanita, valves, elbow, pipe fitting, filters, jumper, sanitary fittings, adaptor, tee, pprc fittings, reduction, ball valves, socket, pipe clamps, nippels, checkvalves, blind cap, plastic pipe cutters, welding sockets, stop valves, welding machine sets, end caps, blind caps, ppr pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe fitting, plastic material, composite pipe, female round adaptors, male round adaptors, female elbow adaptors, round elbows, female filters, male filters, plastic union, plastic pipe union, plastic pipe connector, pipe connector, aluminium foiled pipe, unequal tee piece, female round adaptor, male round adaptor, end cap, female elbow adaptor, male elbow adaptor, round elbow, pp fittings, ppr fittings, boiler connection, plastic item, adjustable battery connection pieces, chrome valves, female battery connections, female double battery connection pieces, female tee adaptors, foil sharpeners, hexagonal connection joints, male battery connections, male double battery connection pieces, male elbow adaptors, male tee adaptors, nippel with loose nuts, peeling tools, pipe fastener, pipe union, plastic fastener, plastic pipe attachment, plastic pipe connection part, plastic pipe fastener, pressure test pumps, single pipe clamps, valve heads, aluminium, aluminum, plastic items, plastic materials, plastic pipes, plastic pipe connection parts, plastic pipe attachments
s cables, switchgear technology products, grounding, switches, sockets
TUGBA ELEKTRIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s electrical products, circuit breaker, automatic fuse, compact switch, compact breaker, contactors, contactor, thermal relay, motor safety switch, inductive switch, photocell, power resources, power sources, sockets, signal lights, plastic couplings, ampere meter, amperometer, voltmeter, water level switch, power sources
ELZEM CNC PLASTIK KALIP SAN.        Türkiye     ali bilen    
s anchors, cable holders, cable ties, electrical material, hook clamp, mechanical, plastic mould, plugs, socket, sockets
NAMTEK OTO YAN SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tunca AKTAN    
s auto spare parts, automotive spare parts, vehicle spare parts, auto accessories, auto accessory sets, automotive accessories, auto plates, automotive plates, vehicle plates, auto plastic products, automotive plastic products, springs, hair pin, tongs, clips, bolts, screws, corks, plugs, caps, joiner pins, rondels, sockets, pins, setting bolts, adjusting bolts, adjusting screws, rivets, fasteners, mould, screw, spring, automobile spare parts, plate bending, socket, automotive accessory sets, vehicle accessory sets, vehicle plastic products, plate cutting, plate mould, heating system parts for auto, rubber corks, rubber plugs, rivet stocks, stop pins, blind plugs, blind caps, daf accessory sets, fiat accessory sets, ford accessory sets, iveco accessory sets, kogel accessory sets, magirus accessory sets, man accessory sets, mercedes accessory sets, otokar accessory sets, peugeot accessory sets, renault accessory sets, saf accessory sets, sauer accessory sets, volkswagen accessory sets, volvo accessory sets, rivet, rondel, accessory set, auto plate, auto accessory set
s sockets, electrical materials, switches, socket, lighting switches, dimmers, lighting switch, lighting dimmers, lighting outlet, lighting controls, light switches, group sockets, power strips, power outlets, male plug, female plugs, plugs
VITEV CONCEPT        Türkiye     mustafa başak    
s chair, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, hotel furniture
MAKEL ELEKTRIK A.S.        Türkiye     Onatkan İLTAR    
s electrical materials, domestic electrical materials, sockets, plugs, electrical sockets, plug sockets, wall sockets, power plugs, wall socket plug, electrical plugs, electrical outlets, switches, outlets, dimmers, dimmer, light control dimmers, light control switches, light dimmers, light switches, electrical accessories, power outlets, triple outlets, electrical fittings, triple sockets, power strip, power strips, wiring accessories, wiring devices, group sockets, power extension cord, 3 way so, electricity meters, lighting panels, led lights, distribution panels, led lighting products, bulb, distribution boxes, smart home systems, smart home system, 3 way socket outlet, 4 way socket outlet, 5 way socket outlet, 4 way socket extension, 3 way socket extension, multi socket extension, multi socket adaptor, home secuirty systems, energy efficiency systems, single phase electricity meters, three phase electricity meters, pre paid electricity meters, optic reader, optic readers, slim downlight, distirbution boards
s ttr, nya, nym, nyaf, nyy, cable, h05vv-f, h03vv-f, coaxial, sockets, plugs, fixture cable, nym
EDK ELECTRIC        Türkiye     EYÜP DORUK    
s electrical products, electrical materials, cables, cable, sockets, plug socket, switch plug
s water heater, white goods, electric water heater, power strips, electrical materials, socket, power outlet, switch plug, plug socket, power plugs, ac power plugs, plugs, sockets, electric plugs, electric sockets, electrical outlets
ENSEL ELEKTRIK MALZEMELERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nedim Bey    
s electrical materials, lighting fittings, power strips, power strip, sockets, plug-socket, switch plug, plugs, contact breaker
SAMUR ELEKTRIK ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Osman .    
s electrical materials, lighting fittings, electrical outlets, electrical switches, electrical insulators, electrical wiring, electrical supplies, cables, cable, electrical conductors, power strips, power strip, sockets, plug socket, switch plug, plugs, contact breaker
s electrical materials, connectors, cable, cables, cable connectors, sockets, male connectors, indusstrial connectors, tv connectors, satellite receiver connectors, connectors for tv, connectors for receiver, female connectors, sensor sockets, waterproofing connectors, waterproofing electrical connectors, waterproofing antenna connectors
s foreign trade, food, foodstuff, food products, medical equipments, textile products, clothes, clothing, menswear, medical consumables, medical materials, electrical materials, plugs, sockets, power strips, drinks, beverages, carbonated drinks, soft drinks, carbonated beverages, soft beverages, meat, chicken, whole chicken, chicken legs, frozen food, frozen chicken, frozen whole chicken
MURAT TICARET KABLO        Türkiye         
s cables, battery cables, terminals, fuse boxes, pvc tubes, steering column switches, water hoses, diesel hoses, wiring harness, ground straps, boots and covers, connectors, convoluted tubing, gasoline hoses, battery clamps, booster cables, sockets, tooling
TP ELEKTRIK MALZEMELERI SAN. A.S.        Türkiye         
s industrial plugs, sockets, connectors, heavy duty connectors, high current connectors, single pole connectors, heavy duty connectors
s electronic components, transistors, diodes, led, led display, pcb, coils, sockets, cable, relays, switch, pcba
EKOL MADENI ESYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s fixing elements, sockets, automotive parts, door lock parts, flanges
SER ELEKTRIK OTOMASYON LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s electric product, electric products, socket, sockets